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A passion for the world of Audio Visual

Technical expertise and many years of experience in the market is the driving force behind Digital Dice

A need exists for an independent consultant in the Corporate Audio Visual market. Digital Dice, with its reliable designers, installers, configuration engineers and programmers fills this gap in the market and does away with under-skilled consultants by ensuring full training and capabilities for all positions, as well as ensuring access to the best available brands at the most competitive prices.

Digital Dice, its management and employees strive to uphold its working values of being unfailingly honest, ethical, hardworking and trustworthy, while providing a profession service to system integrators and customers. Digital Dice is independent from any brand or stakeholders while solving clients’ Audio Visual challenges...

Technology with a Purpose

Our service offerings are purposefully built to partner with System Integrators.

We partner with System Integrators in all things Audio Visual. Helping from the design phase to the final signoff.


The Digital Dice design team has over 13 years’ experience in the Audio Visual industry. Over half of that time was spent on larger campus based solutions with over 100 meeting spaces. Your Audio Visual solutions will be designed to your exact requirements, keeping in mind the required budget, while adhering to the industry standard.


The Digital Dice installation teams are professionally trained to install setup and configure AV equipment to industry standards. Corporate image is important to us and team members’ punctuality and professional attire is in keeping with the integrator’s corporate image.


Digital Dice aims to provide an independent consulting service for any size Audio Visual project without obligation of affiliation with any local vendors or manufacturers, but using the best available solutions. Included in our consulting services is the integration with various stakeholders in the project. THE FOLLOWING SERVICES ARE INCLUDED:

  • Meeting end clients and system users
  • Meeting electricians and other industry consultants
  • Creating business requirements
  • Consulting with interior designers and space planners
  • Setting up proof of concepts with Manufacturers and local distributors
  • Assistance in creation of Tender Documentation
  • Assistance with the technical adjudication of tenders
  • Assistance with CAD mark-ups and services.


Let us engineer a solution or product set to meet your specific business needs.

Our Brands